Ramzan (Rammy) Anwar

Ramzan (Rammy) Anwar

Managing Director, G6 Moco - G6 Motion Control

I studied computer games and video design at Salford University. I started work as a mechanic which developed my engineering skills. From there I started a sign manufacturing company working with CNC machines. I fell in love with filming and put all of the above skill sets into one product: cinema robots. In 2019, I founded G6 MoCo, a visual engineering company using cutting edge technology within film. This involved taking a robotic arm and developing software for it to create unique moves and shots. With G6 I’ve worked with Paramount Pictures, Audible, Love Island, Little Mix, and Man City.

In just a couple of years, I’ve built a tech-driven business that has disrupted the film industry across the UK and all the way to Hollywood. I believe any solution is possible when you combine engineering, technology and creativity. G6 has already spread like wildfire and is putting Manchester on the map as a global leader in this space. I genuinely love what I do and I’d be honoured to be recognised by this award.