Nick Howe

Nick Howe

Chief Executive Officer, Uniform Group

In 1998, graduating from Liverpool JMU as a product designer, I came out of university with a certain attitude. I knew I wanted to be a designer. I started working on a few projects with two mates I'd met on the course and in a matter of weeks Uniform was born. The first years were a rollercoaster. We careered from project to project, having fun and trying everything. Fast forward 22 years, and we’ve grown from 3 co-founders to a sustainable, responsible and impactful business, with 50+ staff working on projects for the likes of innocent, Primark and Canary Wharf.

Twenty-two years in, I’m still growing and evolving. These days, my role is all about maintaining balance. Successfully balancing clients, creativity, and our culture. Ensuring the business is always moving forward and not getting left behind. From the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to do impactful and creative work, but also build a great business. A business that’s open, honest and transparent. My role as CEO is to lead a business that tries to do better every day, every week, and every year.