Jamil Shah Foridi

Jamil Shah Foridi

Founder, JSF Healthcare Ltd

I graduated from Cambridge University with my MB BChir and MA in 2020, to work as a doctor throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst simultaneously completing an MBA. During this time I also founded NovaBleep, which is a communications tool for doctors and nurses within hospitals. Currently 70% of all errors in healthcare are as a result of poor communication. NovaBleep tackles this problem by acting as a pager and switchboard replacement, whilst also having an in-built task prioritisation system. My team is also working on NovAI - an AI that could one day act as a virtual medical assistant for doctors.

Founding a company, working as a junior doctor through COVID-19, and completing an MBA all in the same year - Dr Jamil Shah Foridi has demonstrated tremendous capability and passion for entrepreneurship. As a result of this passion Dr Shah Foridi has been awarded numerous grants and awards for NovaBleep and was also offered the opportunity to sit on the advisory council for Harvard Business Review. Only one year after graduating from the University of Cambridge, Dr Shah Foridi has accumulated a lot on his resume. It will definitely be exciting to see what will be accomplished next!