Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox

Founder, Betternotstop

Hannah runs betternotstop a consultancy that helps businesses increase their impact and income by implementing sustainable strategies, policies and frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp Certification and Carbon Literacy. betternotstop looks at how sustainability metrics can increase company profits, improve brand loyalty and employee retention as well as differentiate them from the competition. Sustainable business models could create economic opportunities worth up to $12 trillion by 2030 according to a report from the Business & Sustainable Development Commission. betternotstop provides business operations, sustainability and marketing support in a variety of industries including eCommerce, events, travel, production, professional services, technology, music, hospitality, fashion, food, and fitness.  She believes every business has the ability and responsibility to make the world better. 

She also runs the Better Business Network which facilitates peer accountability groups, networking and workshops, connecting and supporting business leaders so that they can create a bigger impact on the world and grow their sustainable businesses. Helping them grow their impact, income and audience while advocating for government policy changes. betternotstop is a proud member of 1% for the planet with a climate positive workforce through Ecologi. In 2020 betternotstop was named one of the Top 10 startups to watch in Manchester and was a finalist in WeWork Labs Pitch Competition in Korea.

Hannah is a Certified B Corp Consultant studied under Ryan Honeyman. Trained by B Lab UK as a B Leader and a B Corp Ambassador.