Caren Launus-Gamble

Caren Launus-Gamble

Founder, Kreativeinc Agency
Caren was nominated by her son and business partner Calum. After losing his first web developer job after graduating in 2019 because of the employer’s unwillingness to make reasonable adjustments for his autism, Caren encouraged Callum  to start KreativeInc Agency to help other people with autism by leading by example.
Caren worked as an operations manager in a corporate job for 16 years, became a silversmith after redundancy and then a qualified freelance copywriter before we set up our agency. She has worked tirelessly to support Callum and other autistic adults in the North and organised free workshops in 2020 to show employers how the amazing talents of people with autism can benefit rather than hinder their business. During Covid, they discovered that 70% of UK websites are inaccessible to disabled and impaired people. KreativeInc changed their business focus to helping organisations with making websites user-friendly for disabled and impaired people. Caren's marketing efforts created a buzz around web accessibility, making it understood and desired in our region. She made web accessibility into a tangible term and a ‘bottom-line’ issue for businesses by featuring eye-opening statistics alongside disabled user stories and feedback. Being featured several times on BBC Radio Leeds, in the Yorkshire Post, on Prolific North, other publications and multiple vlogs and podcasts as well as speaking at digital marketing events, she has raised the profile of digital inclusion in the North. She always sees positive opportunities in any challenges, particularly during the pandemic and in working as a neurodiverse team. We face a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding about digital inclusion. Caren never gives up and challenges traditional accessibility views. She’s not easily intimidated, and when she is passionate about something, she doesn’t stop and inspires others.